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                                                                         Integrity's Termite Liquid Defense Treatment

                                            The #1 Subterranean Termite Treatment Solution.
                 Proven to Work In the Most Challenging Situations, Climates and Environments.

After being rigorously evaluated for over ten years and put through the toughest efficacy and environmental tests in history, Termidor was proven as the only product that completely eliminates termites in most tests and locations. Since 2000, over 2 million homes nationwide have been treated with Termidor, confirming it to be one of the fastest and most effective termite control solutions ever created, and that includes the formidable Formosan Termites.

                                                                  The Advantages of Having Integrity's Liquid Defense:

Termidor is more effective and up to six times faster than bait systems. Whether termites ingest Termidor or come into contact with the material, they become lethal weapons which systematically kill their own colonies before dying off themselves.Termidor is virtually odorless. Termidor meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act.

                                                                     Integrity's Liquid Defense – How Does It Work?

Unlike older, less effective liquid treatments, Termidor is made from a revolutionary non-repellent and undetectable liquid technology, termites are unable to see, smell, taste, or avoid its deadly effects. Once transferred to their nestmates, Termidor kills the entire colony quickly and completely.

                     Integrity's Team and Liquid Defense is the Best Offense Against Subterranean Termites!

The Integrity's Team is thoroughly trained on the newest and most modern treatment methods available. Using only the highest quality products, Integrity backs its services with a re-treatment or repair guarantee!

                                                                                      Integrity's Termite Warranty
Our Subterranean termite damage warranty covers not only your home, but also its contents, including but not limited to items such as: pianos, jewelry boxes, furniture, wallpaper. And if necessary, repainting of areas as well as.

Included with your annual termite renewal, Integrity will provide a complimentary perimeter spray. Plus, the Integrity's service agreement is transferrable to the new homeowner, if you ever decide to sell your house.

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                                  Integrity's Termite Baiting System

An Environmentally Sensible and Alternative Solution. Integrity's Termite Baiting System uses an active ingredient that has been proven successful throughout 10 years of extensive in-field testing.

          The Benefits of Installing Integrity's Termite Baiting Systems:

 Environmentally responsible, the odorless material is less invasive and only requires a minimal amount.

Each bait placement strategically targets specific termite known areas.

Has a low impact on human health, low toxicity to birds, fish, and plants; and a low potential for groundwater contamination.

No floor drilling or exterior trenching required. (see photo to the right)

    The Step-by-Step Integrity's Termite Baiting System Process:

Step One – Your Free Professional Termite Inspection is completed by trained Integrity technician.

Step Two – Termite Bait Station installation in prime termite foraging areas and auxiliary locations when identified.

Step Three – Termites enter and feed on bait.

Step Four – Termites tunnel back to their colony and promptly send their nestmates back to the bait stations for their share.

Step Five – The bait works its deadly effects on the entire colony.

Step Six – The bait is removed from Termite Bait Stations and replaced with wood monitors.

Step Seven – Integrity continues to monitor and check for any new signs of termite activity as long as the Termite Service Agreement is in effect.

Step Eight - Annual Renewal guarantees Year Round Protection by Integrity. 

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