Progressive Commercial  Pest Program

The foundation of our commercial program, step by step monthly non-food handling service incorporates an I.P.M. approach to deal with most crawling insects, like ants, spiders and crickets.

Restaurant Program

This monthly inspection and treatment  program for the food handling environment incorporates an Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) approach and focuses on the control of crawling insects, especially the German cockroach.

Fly Control

This step by step monthly program is designed to control house and drain flies from the larval through adult stages.

Stored Product Pest Program

Working hand-in-hand, the customer & technician impose a sanitation and monthly three step correction/prevention program to control this pest and reduce product loss due to infestation.

Rodent Control 

Exclusion is at the heart of any rodent control program, followed by trapping those who have already penetrated the structure. Our premier program also eradicates the feasting insects associated with rodents and sanitizes surfaces affected by rodent urination & defecation.

Bee / Wasp Service Options

•Preventative Bee/Wasp Monitoring Solutions
•Bee/Wasp Extermination & Hive Removal Program
•Bee Extermination, Hive Removal & Repair Program
•Bee Swarm Removal

                   Integrity's 4 Season Residential Pest Control Plan


Spring is the time when insects strive to increase their populations so Integrity is focused on material application that reduces reproduction. The treatment focuses on the exterior of the structure where insects live and breed, plus entry points into the living space. The technician takes a proactive posture against insect invasion by using a material that works to eliminate the colony and establishes long-term protection to stop the insect invasion.

• Remove spider webs
• Apply dust treatment to exterior entry points including utility boxes and 
   attic access points.
• Treat exterior hot spots, potential harborage sites and food sources
• Power treat along foundation and in landscape features.
• Place granular bait for ant larvae and workers, crickets and roaches
• Apply granular ant bait to suppress ant reproduction


Increased insect populations eat voraciously during the summer. Why do we see more of them in the summer? Because insects can move faster during the summer, they are less afraid of predators which are more likely to be seen. It's the right time to treat the landscape and harborage areas where insects live. Integrity meets "speed with speed" by using fast-acting products during the summer.

• Remove spider webs and apply repellent
• Treat exterior entry points and hot spots
• Power treat along paved surfaces and landscape features including    walkways
• Spread granules in thick grass, mulch, rock beds, decorative bark and similar areas
• Apply granular baits to minimize insect reproduction 


Young insects are maturing and all pests are building up their reserves for the winter and are actively seeking harborage. Because they are slowing down, insects are more vulnerable to predation. Your home is a desirable insect retreat. To repel them, the technician establishes a barrier around the home by applying materials in pathways that insects will use to access the structure and caulking small insect entry points such as those found around window frames and utility entry points.

• Remove spider webs
• Apply dust treatment to exterior entry points including utility boxes and attic access points
• Treat exterior hot spots, potential harborage sites and food sources and
  caulk cracks and crevices where insects may gain entry in winter 
• Spread granules in thick grass, mulch, rock beds, decorative bark and similar areas
• Place rodent monitoring stations (as needed).


During the winter, insects hide and reserve energy so that they can increase their chances of surviving until Spring. Because your home is an ideal insect retreat, the technician's focus is on eradicating insects that are taking refuge inside the home. Integrity establishes a long-term approach by using naturally occurring products to protect the interior of the home against insect invasion throughout the year.

• Wipe webs inside home/garage (if needed).

• Apply material inside cracks and crevices, including along baseboards.

• Perform dust treatment in attic and crawl spaces (if needed).

• Place ant and roach bait stations under kitchen and bathroom sinks.

• Place insect monitoring stations in critical areas.

• Apply material outside around doors, windows and eaves. 

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